The Guardian, a liar

I was so angry while I got the news‘They beat him until he was lifeless’“ from anti’s blog. I thought Benjamin, the reporter, was a solider.

But to my surprise, while I got up, I was told, “The reporter is a liar.” In his report, he said,

“ He lay there - his eye out of its socket, his tongue cut, a stream of blood dropping from his mouth, his body limp, twisted. The ligaments in his neck were broken, so his head lay sideways as if connected to the rest of his body by a rubber band.”

In fact, Lu Banglie was only flesh wound (I’m sorry that I couldn’t express it using the exactly word, but Lu was at least not so bad now).

A thumping lie! I hated this. The reporter should be fired as Anti said. And in fact not all foreign reports about China can be trusted, just like “The Guardian”.