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Here‘s Openomy Developer’s Community.

How to think about the security for openomy, developers and end users? End users use the sevices which developered by the third party. They must grant the application to access there files which stored in openomy, but password should not be exposured. Developers own their application key, which should be private too. It’s difficult for open source. For openomy, he need to think about all of these.

Which is better? Discuss it.

OCW v0.1

In recenty days I wrote a initial version of OCW. It can work now, although it’s raw.

How to start?

1. Install ruby

2. Get an account from openomy

3. Get the source of OCW and openomy-ruby

4. run OCW.rb and login, you have 3 methods to login

  • write your own ocw.yml file, which include:

appkey: 090f9b3d822a3b53e7a71bd2da87c161
privkey: 65692928


if u provied unconfirmedtoken in yml, it will login automatically without any prompts while login.

  • login -u. You can type your unconfirmedtoken after the prompt, which can let u change account easily.

  • login. If no unconfirmedtoken is specifed, you will get a url, and then copy it to a explorer to authorize it. A truely non-web app .

After logined, u can ls, tag, mktag, rmtag, get, put and so on, treat openomy as a local file system.

A known bug: while tag a file with OCW, u’ll get “Openomy API Error: 2 - Permissions not valid.” I’d mail to Maurice and Ian. I think it will be resolved soon.

Source code can be gotten here. Yes, it’s also stored in openomy (I have no other spaces ), and fetched by rss.

It’s my first ruby program. All suggestions are welcome.


The bug is known. It’s caused by Tags::AddFileToTag, ‘“fileID” => fileId’ is neglected which passing the parameters into get_request.