The Five Friendlies

The BeiJing 2008 Olympics’ offical mascots had been chosen. To me regret, the Monkey King finally was cast side. The Monkey King is well known all around China. The older and younger all likes him. He’s a hero to fight with the emperor on the sky.

Five mascots, like the five Olimpycs Ring, a good moral. But I think it is too much to remeber later, heh. Amony them, the Tibetan Antelope is my favorite.

To concatenate their name is “Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni”. It means “Welcome to BeiJing”. So let’s wait the arrival of 2008. And

“welcome to BeiJing”.

Moment in PeKing

A new series “Moment in PeKing” was begun to play in CCTV yesterday. It was adapted from the same name classic novel by YuTang, Lin.

Stars Vickey,Zhao and BaoGuo, Chen are all my favoriate players. In the play they acted MuLan, Yao and her father SiAn, Yao. Their performance are expectant.

“Moment in PeKing” was first written by YuTang, Lin and published in English. It’s a good book to introduce China to foreigner. “Tao” is the idea in the book.


The Chinese noodle

I had never doubted that the noodle was invented in China. In history book, Marco Polo took them to Italy in Yuan Dynasty, and spreaded around the Europe.

In monohymn and Ken‘s blog, they all introduced “Neolithic noodles were made in China “. Now the result is shown. We need not to debate any more.

Chinese noodle is delicious. There are two methods to make it, one is by machine, the other is made by hand. In the supermarket the noodle you buy is oftern made by machine. It’s taste not bad. But I like noodle made by hand, especially mixed with buckwheat.

Give a photo here to Wesley. While he look this, he’ll be hungry :-)

And in here, you can find a girl how to make the noodle. It’s her first time to make. But it seems not so bad. yup?

The Guardian, a liar

I was so angry while I got the news‘They beat him until he was lifeless’“ from anti’s blog. I thought Benjamin, the reporter, was a solider.

But to my surprise, while I got up, I was told, “The reporter is a liar.” In his report, he said,

“ He lay there - his eye out of its socket, his tongue cut, a stream of blood dropping from his mouth, his body limp, twisted. The ligaments in his neck were broken, so his head lay sideways as if connected to the rest of his body by a rubber band.”

In fact, Lu Banglie was only flesh wound (I’m sorry that I couldn’t express it using the exactly word, but Lu was at least not so bad now).

A thumping lie! I hated this. The reporter should be fired as Anti said. And in fact not all foreign reports about China can be trusted, just like “The Guardian”.